Silver Weaving…

The Muse speaks…finally

She and I haven’t been on speaking terms for some time. She doesn’t like being told what to do, or when, for that matter. Personally, I think there should be more give and take in this relationship.

moontarotShe’s stubborn, not unlike myself. She rarely does what she is bidden. She arrives, swiftly and quietly, imparting her wisdom, and then departs, just as swiftly, without so much as a by your leave…
Annoying… Like Tinkerbell, only far more elusive, and nowhere near as adorable (that is if you’re into that manic pixie thing). I will pay for that insult later, but I can’t help it. We’ve been at a stalemate for some time.  I get it, I’m not the easiest human to inspire either…

I’ve been vacillating. Should I? Shouldn’t I? I’ve been told I have stories to tell. Everyone’s voice, everyone’s experience,  has value… I truly believe that…

Not sure which story to tell, or what to share first, but as she’s so damned elusive, this mystical creature, I have to remain still and let her do her thing, imparting her wisdom (fleeting though it is) in bits and pieces… often just whispers… silvery soft sounds, barely audible… and then…

Not sure where this journey will take me. Perhaps somewhere across all space and time… I can only hope.

If you feel like taking a trip into the unknown, feel free to join me. I can’t guarantee you the trip of a lifetime in a magical blue box, or an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones, but I can guarantee you it will be a strange trip indeed.

Thanks for stopping by… and welcome aboard…

And if you see my little Muse, perched silently somewhere, weaving silver strands together, just leave her to it. She may be creating a masterpiece, or just doing her knitting, but beware, she startles easily.



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